Lumoria: Episode 1

Description: At the start of the Human-Covenant war, a scientific expedition into the outer regions of human space stumbled upon a previously unknown planet, later to be named Lumoria. The planet was home to various new species of fauna and flora, and several mysterious structures appeared to be dotted across it's lush environments. They would later realize that Lumoria was in fact an artificially constructed planet, carved into what it is now by the "Forerunners". Shortly after the planet's discovery however, the Covenant made landfall and disabled the expedition's ship. Most of the crew was killed or captured, though some managed to stay hidden and set up a beacon. Several days later the UNSC would pick up the distress signal.

Now The Endless Horizon, a frigate class ship, is sent in to execute a low-profile search and rescue operation.
On board is May, a female Spartan II supersoldier. Bred for combat, built for war.
Along her side are a hardy group of higly trained ODST's, lead by Gunnery Sergeant Brandon Keiffer.

Drop in behind enemy lines and extract any remaining survivors as you race to uncover the secrets of Lumoria.


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