Lumoria is a two part episodic experience for Halo: Custom Edition. Started in late 2009, the project evolved into much more then just a simple single player level. Lumoria became the prime of 2010 for CE, and became one of the best single player levels ever created for the CE modding community. Including classic Halo: Combat Evolved gameplay, and the same sense of beauty and wonder, Lumoria brings the player back into a new world like never before.


 The Story So Far:

    As human colonization of new planets slowed to a trickle, scientists from many worlds began to focus their studies on humanity's already expansive number of charges, learning new things about geology, meteorology, and ecology. Eventually, a dull and steady pace grew out of the monotony as science grew weary of its subjects. Then, in 2525, first contact was made with an alien alliance known as the Covenant and interspecies war broke out. Science shifted its focus towards aiding the war effort. Eventually, in 2552, a new planet was discovered, covered in architecture of a long ago civilization, technologically superior to man. The excitement was stifled, and word of the new discovery mysteriously silenced by the Office of Naval Intelligence, redirecting its efforts back to the war.


     However, one man disregarded all censorship, claiming the planet in the name of science, refusing the assertions that it was government property to do with as they pleased. Disobeying orders, he hired a team of mercenaries willing to work against the law, and launched a rogue research mission into the heart of the planet's system.Eventually, the planet was located. The planet which the UNSC had attempted to keep secret from the people. The planet known only as Lumoria.


 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

 What do I need to Play Lumoria?

     To Play Lumoria, you will need a legitimate copy of Halo: Combat Evolved for the PC and Halo: Custom Edition. Halo PC can be bought online or at your local store. New to Halo: Custom Edition as well? No problem! Download it here.


 Does this mod use Open Sauce?

     No, it does not. We have always wanted to use the engine as it is, to test its abilities, and ours.


 Are there any custom assets?

     Depends. When it comes to weapons; it's not. Lumoria is trying to retain Halo: Combat Evolved's great gameplay and sense of wonder on everyone's first play though. As for environment or aesthetics, yes! We have plenty of new characters, environmental touch ups, and more.



     Lumoria has a few new enemies in store. We've included a number of new enemies and vehicles.


 Whats going on with the soundtrack?

     The soundtrack itself is reusing tracks from the original three games, most notably Halo 1 and 2.




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